Need for Novel TherapeuticSolutions

Passion to Find a Better Way

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Clinical Insights Become Future Therapies

New Paradigm in Therapeutic Development


Who We Are The who, what and why our company exists

At Next Generation Therapeutics we believe in building relationships. We are a group of professionals with deep clinical and regulatory expertise in medicine, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diversified delivery services. We have helped to create private and public companies and understand the challenges and capabilities required for success. Central to our ability to execute is our access to deep pools of capital cognizant of the risks and timelines unique to healthcare.

Solving Problems

At Next Generation Therapeutics we are passionate about addressing unmet medical needs, improving outcomes, and enhancing resource utilization.

Develop Innovative Products

At Next Generation Therapeutics we encourage the variety of thoughts and perspectives key to driving innovation.

Collaborate & Partner

At Next Generation Therapeutics we actively engage people and institutions to share information and ideas.

Drive the Process

At Next Generation Therapeutics our clinical and regulatory development expertise help shorten timelines and improve efficiencies .

More About Us

Our Culture

We seek to develop innovative solutions to current problems facing patients
and populations independently and through collaborative partnerships. We
actively engage with people and institutions to share information, ideas and
resources in order to achieve our goals.

37 Projects Evaluated
18 Assistance Provided
89 Clinical Problems and Diseases Addressed
3061712 Potential Lives Improved

Our Services We can't always promise success but we work to move the odds in its favor.

Abuse Deterrent Technology for Narcotics

Kappa Opoid Receptor Antagonists To Help With Addiction

Antibiotics (NCEs and Reformulations)

Stem Cell Delivery Technology

Biologic for Chronic Wounds

Novel Peptide for Metabolic Syndrome

Next Generation Adjuvant Free Vaccine Technology

New Fertility Drug for Women

So you're convinced that NEXTGENERATION is the partner to consider?

Get in Touch We invite you to contact us for a confidential conversation about your therapeutic invention and for answers to your questions about bringing innovative products to market.